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cPanel is a webhosting control panel for Linux-based operating system with which website owners can use to host and manage their websites through a web based interface and tools contained in the control panel. cPanels feature graphical interfaces through which users can manage and control their parts of Linux server. cPanels make use of a three tier structure from which different aspects of a website and server administration can be controlled by end-user website owners, administrators and resellers via a standard web browser. Apart from the graphical user interface it provides, cPanel also features API-based as well as a command line through which standard system administration processes can be automated by a third party software vendors. cPanel can function in two ways, namely, (1) as a virtual private server (2) as a dedicated server. There are different versions of cPanels with some having more features than others. The most current version on the market can be installed on a number of Linux-based operating systems including CloudLinux OS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and CentOS. You will find different versions of cPanels here at our website. All the versions sold by us are of great quality; they come with a lot of features and at a cheap price.

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