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PHP Mailer is a well known open source PHP library code widely utilized for easy, quick and safe sending of emails. Since its introduction in 2001, many PHP developers are now using it to send emails programmatic ally in preference to other codes. In the majority of cases, it can be used as substitutes for PHP's mail function. However, in some cases, PHP Mailer becomes the only option as email sending function does not have the flexibility needed to realize the set goals. The use of PHP mailers gives PHP developers a lot of benefits thanks to its impressive features. When there is failure delivery of emails, this open source code is able to create error messages in over 40 languages. It is also able to send emails' alternative plain text versions for non-HTML email clients. Known PHP content management systems such as Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, and others also make use of PHP Mailers. Another advantage that PHP Mailer Inbox gives users is that it is secure and always updated by an active developer community. If you are a PHP developer, it is important that you install PHP Mailer because chances that you will avoid sending emails are very slim. Our site is a nice platform through which you can get quality PHP Mailers suitable for your operating system and at an affordable price.

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